Oh the irony

I recently defended my thesis and it went very well. The direction of my research and completion of its thesis is a significant milestone in my academic career. It still has not fully sunk in that I went from not finishing high school to acquiring a masters in educational technology. Oh the irony.

The short term plan is to take a year off from my studies to work – so I can slowly hack away at the debt (student loans) I accumulated over the years. If all goes well I will be teaching in China come September, which I hope will feel like a working vacation.

My long term plan is to seek an appropriate Ph.D. with appropriate funding – there is no way I will struggle with financially the way I did with my masters.

I will be posting my thesis, A Theoretical Cognitive Construct of a 3D Embodied Agent: VAL, the Virtual Autonomous Learner, as a pdf and ePub formant.

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